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Don't just pass the driving test, ACE IT!

A Word from the Owner

Hello there! My name is Art Alzate, the owner and instructor for Ace Driving School. I have been a driving instructor for over 30 years now. As a seasoned instructor, I have met all kinds of students. There were a lot of nervous people, confident people, and everyone else in between. What they all have in common is that they have passed their driving test and are now safe and knowledgeable drivers. My goal is to not only ensure that students pass, but to also create drivers who are responsible and mindful of others. I do not know you yet, but I would love to assist you in your driving journey. Come and schedule an appointment today!

Art Alzate

Our School Offers

ACE Driving School provides a rigorous but fun course for all drivers. We want you to succeed in becoming a safe and responsible driver. With more people like you, our roads become safer.


Intermediate Driving Course

Whether you are new or a seasoned driver, there is always room for improvement.

Driving Lesson

Intensive Driving School

Our instructors are patient and understanding especially when it comes to nervous drivers. Don't worry, we have your back.

Driving Lesson

Beginners Driving Course

We go through everything with you. From day one, you can expect nothing but
quality driving education from us.

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About Us

Our goal is to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and convenient driver education courses at competitive rates in the Main Line and the surrounding areas.

Collision-free driving starts with good driving habits. At ACE DRIVING SCHOOL, we teach our students life-saving skills to recognize risks on the road and how to respond effectively -- including how to anticipate and avoid head-on collisions, rear collisions, rear crashes, intersection collisions and move. Since 1982, ACE DRIVING SCHOOL has been committed to driver safety and providing high-quality driving training programs.


While we ensure that all our students pass the driving test, we aim to instill the mindset that SAFETY is the most important aspect of driver education. Using the best tools and modes of instructions, we at ACE DRIVING SCHOOL train our students to be competent, confident and law-abiding drivers who are able to perform in any road condition.

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Driving Lesson

Why Choose ACE Driving School

· Experienced, professional and state-licensed instructors providing outstanding services at competitive rates

· 99% of our students pass the first time

· Door to door pick-up from home, work or school

· Flexible and convenient schedule

· Defensive driving techniques

· Parallel parking made easy

· Beginner & Refresher course available

· State-approved 6-hour program for teens (insurance discount)

Driving School

Parallel Parking Made Easy!

Many people have trouble parallel parking. We can all agree about that right? Here at ACE Driving School, we make sure you leave feeling confident about parallel parking. No second guessing if your are going to hit that curb. We will break it down like a science project and walk you through each step!

Man Driving in Car

5 Things You Must Follow to Pass the Driving Test

  1. Always STOP at STOP signs. Do not perform a rolling stop.

  2. Drive in the correct lane. I understand that the driving test can be anxiety inducing to some people. But remember to breathe and pay attention.

  3. Do not hit the cones when you are parallel parking. The cones represent another vehicle or person.

  4. Signal always, when turning or changing lanes. This is one lesson that could save you or another driver's life. Keep this to heart.

  5. Do the speed limit. This is a crucial part of the test!

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